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Becoming a multi-faceted FPE

Through FireTox’s internship program, one of our talented fire protection engineering students, Zelda Zhao, recently had an opportunity to get boots on the ground at a fire scene. FireTox EQUIP is designed to provide interns with exposure to four quadrants of the fire protection engineering profession: 1) Fire Safety & Combustion Toxicity Research, 2) Fire Investigation & Litigation Support, 3) Fire Protection System Design & Construction Management, and 4) Code Compliance Inspection & Risk Assessment. Ms. Zhao has gained considerable experience in the research quadrant while also getting exposure to risk assessment and fire investigation. Next up for Ms. Zhao is a visit to a building undergoing a fire alarm and sprinkler system upgrade, so she can get some hands on experience in design and construction. If you are interested in learning more about EQUIP, visit


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