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Upcoming Training Seminars

FireTox is getting ready for a busy fall seminar schedule. Come see us at one or all of our upcoming events. Click the links to register today.

Fireground Contaminant Exposure Control Approaches & Challenges Mid-Atlantic Life Safety Conference

September 19th at 2:00-3:00 pm. The presentation will educate the audience on key findings from a recently completed, FEMA-funded study titled "Fireground Contaminant Exposure Control Approaches and Health & Safety Officer Continuing Education". Click here to register

Fire Engineering for the Fire Service: Developing a WUI Risk Assessment & Mitigation Curriculum

October 10, 2023- 3:15:-3:45 pm.

The presentation will educate the audience on key findings from the development of the "Wildland Urban Interface: Risk Assessment & Mitigation for the Fire Service" curriculum . Click here to register

The Use of Forensic Toxicology in Fire Death and Injury Investigation

October 17, 2023- 1:00-4:00 pm. In this course, attendees will learn about the impact of smoke, toxic gases, and heat on fire victims and different analysis techniques used to predict the time to incapacitation and death of a victim(s). Attendees will also learn about the impact of alcohol and drugs on human behavior in fire, including its impact on awakening to a smoke alarm and decision-making during escape. Click here to register


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