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in·ves·ti·ga·tion (noun) a formal inquiry or systematic study.

FireTox offers a full range of fire, explosion, and toxicological investigation and litigation support services for both small-scale and large-scale losses.  Beyond origin and cause (O&C) investigation, our experts have specialized knowledge in the following areas:      

  • NFPA 921 and Investigative Methodology

  • Fire Chemistry, Fire Dynamics, and Fire Modeling

  • Fire Detection, Suppression, and Life Safety Systems

  • Building Construction and Code Compliance/Deficiencies

  • Electrically-Initiated Fires

  • Human Behavior in Fire 

  • Casual Factors in Fire Deaths and Injuries 

  • Fire and Combustion Toxicology 

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Incidents

  • Drugs and Alcohol Impairment in Accidental Deaths

Through established partnerships, FireTox also offers its clients a fully-equipped fire and materials laboratory available for product failure analysis, fire reconstruction testing, evidence examination, and evidence storage.  Contact us today to learn more about our Fire Investigation and Litigation Support services. 

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