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Today's Lesson Plan: Fire Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has left most of us quarantined to our homes. With schools closed throughout the U.S., many of us are still working our normal jobs while navigating our newly-appointed roles as home-school educators. In some cases, this may leave our little people with more time to freelance in the home. If your children are like mine, they are curious, uninhibited, tornadoes; safety is not at the forefront of their minds when they make choices. So, it is important that we create safe boundaries, as we transition our homes into schools. Its unlikely that your child's school had a stove sitting in the classroom or candles or lighters. Have you talked to your children about the hazards of these devices. Have you secured matches and lighters, so they are not readily accessible to little hands? When was the last time you tested your fire safety devices? Now is an optimum time to ensure that our homes are safe and that our kids understand the basics of fire safety. Online retailers are still delivering products, so if you need smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or fire extinguishers- order them, install them, and know how to use them. For the kids, there are numerous resources online to educate them about fire safety. The USFA has activities including downloadable Sesame Street materials for preschool age children. The NFPA has multiple lesson plans including Sparky School House. Practice your home evacuation plan with your kids and make this time a fun and safe learning experience for your family.

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