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FireTox Achieves IFC Special Inspector Premier Certificate Holder Status

Compartmentation is a critical passive fire protection component. Without proper firestopping pf penetrations and joints, compartmentation can be ineffective in slowing the spread of a fire. In 2015, new requirements for inspection of firestopping were introduced in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC). Among other things, the IBC requires that firestopping be inspected in accordance with ASTM E2174- Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Firestops and ASTM E2393- Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Fire Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers. ASTM requires that inspectors witness the installation of a percentage of firestop systems or destructively test a percentage of the installed firestop systems. FireTox staff are trained to perform firestop special inspections, and we are proud to be recognized as a Premier Certificate holder by the International Firestop Council. If you have questions about your project, contact us today at


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